Take a look at any nearby gym and you will see unskilled people training their abs with endless teams of sit ups and crunches, right?

As the abs are mainly made from Type 1 (endurance) muscle tissue and react to slightly greater repetition ranges,your abs comprise muscle as with every other area of the body.

And so the best abs exercises to obtain that "cut" look are individuals which are resistance-based and treat them like every other muscle.

There is however a unique little trick you must understand to be able to increase your abs training moving toward getting a stacked 6-pack.

Actually, disregarding this principle, could pressure you to definitely develop "uneven" abs which are so common among beginner bodybuilders.

Allow me to share this secret along with you now...

The primary abdominal muscle you need to work when training your abs is the "rectus abdominis", that sheet of rippled muscle that goes out of your rib cage completely lower the leading of the body for your pelvis.

What's unique relating to this abdominal group of muscles would be that the upper abs can function individually in the lower abs (to some degree)...However when you work your lower abs exercises, your upper abs will always be being employed as well.

For this reason many people (including myself from many years of military training concentrating on upper abs) had overdeveloped upper abs but underdeveloped lower abs.

Here's how you can correct this...

Make certain you train your LOWER ABS first inside your abs workout (ALWAYS!) that can bring both lower and upper abs in to the workload!

If you do not work your lower abs first, you exhaust your upper abs too early so when you need to do target your lower abs, your upper abs will fatigue too quickly and you will finish track of under-specific lower abs.

Therefore the best exercises for lower abs are:

Incline Leg Boosts

Incline Knee Ups

Hanging Leg Boosts

Flat Bench Leg Boosts

After which follow-up using the best upper abs exercises:


Weighted Crunches

Sit ups

Hanging Knee Boosts